Good evening everyone,

There are a lot of events happening downtown and throughout the city this weekend, MOOGFEST downtown and BIMBE' at Rock Quarry Park. Please stay alert. There have been a rise in car break-ins downtown.  There will be lots of people coming to enjoy the festivities, those who wish to take advantage of the residents and visitors, will be out as well.

Moogfest concert


You as well as your visitors, should not leave anything of value in your vehicles. Leave nothing out in the open in your vehicles, to include cellphones, jewelry, clothing, electronics and even loose change. We have taken several reports of windows getting busted and all that is taken is loose change from the cup holder.

Also, do not sit your cellphones down and turn your back or plug it into a wall or charging outlet and walk away. Do not let someone you don't know use your cellphone as they may runoff with it. Please stay aware of your surroundings when you go to purchase items especially when using cash.

This email is not meant to detract from your fun but rather make you aware of a few safety precautions you can take to maximize your experience.  The Durham Police Department and your neighborhood District 5 substation wish you a safe, fun, and enjoyable weekend.


Sgt. R.D. Fountain IV

District 5/Special Services Div.

Criminal Investigations

Durham Police Dept.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(posted by Frank White on behalf of Sgt. Fountain, IV)

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