At the December 8th 2014 meeting  PAC5 continued to address concerns raised by both resident and business PAC5 members regarding waste collections, and the state of the waste collection sites. Officials from the Durham City Government attended to talk with PAC5 about the concerns.

The primary concerns were: (Unordered)

  1. A lack of maintenance to physical collection site - broken doors were cited
  2. Apparent waste from restaurants not being thrown in the dumpsters.
  3. Used grease from restaurants being stored at solid waste collection sites
  4. Vagabond use of collection sites
  5. How events that compete with collection site usage will be handled

During the meeting, Robert Williams from the City of Durham's Solid Waste Department and Michael Vaughn from City of Durham's Code Enforcement Department address the floor. PAC5 was told that the Solid Waste Department intends to remove the damaged doors to the collections sites because the doors have been damaged and repaired more that once and ongoing repairs are not a budgeted item. PAC5 was also informed that grease is not considered solid waste, and the collection sites are intended for solid wastes only. That if the offending establishment(s) could be identified regarding the grease disposal at collection sites, they will be contacted. Additionally, Mr Williams discussed that it is believed that self contained garbage compactors might be a viable solution to Durham's growing solid waste problems, but that his department lacks the funds to acquire and install compactors, although a request for compactor funding has been requested and denied.

It was suggested that PAC5 collaborate with the Solid Waste Department to ask the Durham City Council, during the February Coffee With Council meeting, for funding to adequate meet the Durham current and future solid waste needs.

At this time the issues are unresolved and ongoing.

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