a CoffeeWithCouncil031215 4Membership in PAC5 was dwindling to the extent that rumors were surfacing that PAC5 may cease to exist. The PAC5 community was reassured by Robin Dixon of the City of Durham's Neighborhood Improvement Services that she had no information regarding PAC5's closure and that PAC5 will continue as the Edgemont, downtown Durham and 9th Street PAC. However, the October (2017) meeting discussion was about the future of PAC5. The October meeting was much better attended than the previous two PAC5 meetings.

40CoffeeWithCouncil031215 44While much of the discussion was about the PAC5 history and challenges PAC5 has faced in the past the conversation did pivot to how PAC5 would move forward. It was noted that PAC5 has morphed into something that no longer focuses on crime alone. It's become the defacto neighborhood association as well as the defacto business association for the community. To that end, PAC5 hopes to play a major role in providing access to Durham city and county officials and staff along with state officials when appropriate. PAC5 plans to deliver value that will help the community solve problems while promoting a sense of community.

 See discussion lounge for agenda information

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