PAC5 to Facilitate Acute Parking Shortage Discussion on May 11th

PAC5 is facilitating discussions aimed at solving the immediate acute parking space shortage that affects downtown Durham business owners and their employees. At April's PAC5 meeting we discussed and floated a Park and Ride idea.

The May 11th meeting will be focused almost entirely on this issue. We anticipate a number of downtown Durham business owners and their employees will attend the May 11th meeting to further discuss the Park and Ride idea. Several representatives from GoTriangle/GoDurham also plan to attend the meeting. I have also sent invitations to several members of Durham's government, including Thomas Leathers, Parking Systems Manager and Pierre Oseu-Owusu, Senior Transportation Planner for GoDurham/DATA.

It has become apparent that downtown Durham has a deep waiting list for business owners and employees to lease parking spaces for their vehicles while working. The city of Durham has plans to construct additional parking decks which may begin coming online in 2019. As new offices and businesses open over the forthcoming weeks and months the parking shortage won't see and near-team relief unless alternative solutions are implemented.

The May11th regular PAC5 meeting will allow those closest to the problem to comment on possible solutions that PAC5 members plan to introduce. Additionally, PAC5 hope to hear other ideas that might help mitigate the acute parking shortage.

Please mark your calendar so that you will present to show your support to fix this short-term parking problem. The meeting details are below:

PAC5 Meeting

May, 11, 2017 at 6:00pm

Golden Belt

City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services
807 E. Main Street
Building 2, 3rd Floor
Durham, NC 27701

(Free parking)


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